Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3 Fish 2008

It was my father's 53rd birthday, so we decided to take him, my mother, and brother, out to dinner. When I asked my father where he wanted to go he left the choice to us, with the expectation that he will be ordering fish or steak. We had not been to Three Fish in about 6 years so we thought we should try it again.

From our last visit I recall the service ( which was great) but vaguely remember the food. Reservation for 5 at 7:00. They gave us a choice on which table we wanted. My dad chose the round table, by the kitchen. On the table there were crayons and all the tables were covered with paper, I found this strange but I am a doodle freak so of course I loved it!

For starters we ordered the Calamari (Erik's request, "we have to at least try it"), and the pizza thing (Basheer, my father's reuqest). Erik did enjoy the calamari, it was lightly battered with cornmeal which is something that appeals to him. I did not like the calamari because of the corn meal, and it needed more crunch. Also, the sauce that it came with was tasteless, not spicy, not sweet, nothing. The pizza thing was tasty.

Birthday boy and Bibi

Jimmy acting too cool for school

Akleema, do you think you're pretty?


Ahi Tuna and Veggies


Flatbread Pizza


Fresh Warm Bread

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